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The Best Beaches in Sesimbra, Portugal

The following beaches in Sesimbra are what we recommend to our guests when they come & stay at Quinta do Miguel villas in Meco. They are all located nearby & are truly beautiful places to discover & make amazing memories with your loved ones.


Praia das Bicas / Rio da Prata / Praia do Meco

These beaches are all connected along a 4km stretch of golden sand, with a backdrop of vast pine forest & a high cliff which offers incredible walking trails & argil - a type of green clay which is commonly used a natural skin treatment. The water is clean but is known for its strong waves & high tide so make sure to be careful! Nevertheless, surfers come far & wide to catch a wave on these treacherous waters.

Praia das Bicas is accessed by a long & steep wooden stair case leading to the beach from the car park. The cliff looking down on the beach can be a great place to stop off on a walk or a bike ride to watch the mesmerizing sunset. A popular activity for both locals and tourists on this beach is paragliding from the cliff edge overlooking the beach & ocean from a truly incredible perspective.

Rio da Prata is located in between Praia das Bicas & Praia do Meco. It first made a name for itself in the 70s as one of the pioneering nudist beaches in Portugal. Once exclusive to fisherman & locals, this stunning beach was eventually discovered by hippies & naturists from all over the world. In time it began having a strong gay presence & even the Lisbon elite (artists, politicians, celebrities) would indulge its libertine spirit of the beach. Today it is still one of the most known nudist beaches near Lisbon.

Praia do Meco is home to Bar do Peixe, the famous seafood restaurant known for its fresh fish cuisine. From this beach visitors have access to the pine forest & dunes beyond the protective cliff edge behind the beach.

Ribeira do Cavalo

Ribeira do Cavalo, also known as Horse Beach, is one of the best secluded beaches in Portugal, let alone Sesimbra. Some say it resembles beaches of the Philipines or the Bahamas. To discover paradise, you need to have a sense of adventure & hike for around 15 minutes through the surrounding mountains. When you arrive you will be mesmerized by its captivating silence, unique, pure & exotic energy. Not to mention the calmness of the water, which is generally not common in this area.

Praia dos Galapinhos

Praia dos Galapinhos is a dream of a beach, with clear waters perfect for scuba diving & white sand, surrounded by lush green vegetation. It is located on the coast of the natural park of Arrabida & is not one of the easiest beaches to get to, requiring a 10 minute walk through a forest trail. The beach is great for people who want to spend the day at a quiet beach with breath taking views, although on weekends it can be quite busy due to its growing popularity.


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